7 Great Research Websites for Writers

Writing, whether academic or non-academic, can be difficult to do if you do not have the right research tools at your disposal. The rise of the internet has brought with it a wealth of information contained within various websites. Numerous websites are available online to help you write truly great content in the least amount of time. All you have to do is know what sites to look for.

For your guidance, experts at PapersHelm thought it’s time you get a good lesson on the best research sites online, academic and otherwise, to help you write interesting and balanced papers and articles among other things. Here are some of our top suggestions:

1. The New York Times

As students, you may not have the time to watch the news on TV, which is where online resources like television The New York Times comes in handy. This site is considered one of the best research sources by scholars and teachers. It provides news and updates on sports, current events, business, and sciences.  The analysis by various experts in the ‘opinion’ section alone can be highly insightful, leading to the improved ability of persuasive writing. The site is free for a visit, but you may be required to set up a password for deeper access to articles.

2. MentalFloss

This site is not strictly academic but based on interesting facts about various cultures, foods, and sciences from all over the world. If you are someone looking for a good time but want to learn something new along the way, PapersHelm considers this site to be the perfect fit for you. Now you can procrastinate while learning something new every day.

3. NHS

UK’s National Health Service provides a wealth of information on various illnesses, diseases and conditions as well as treatments. You can use this site for gaining better knowledge about a wide range of health issues. This site is both an authentic general and an academic resource, which can benefit students and researchers alike to write on health-related topics.

4. TED

TED is a modern day wonder. The site hosts hundreds of inspiring and insightful talks given at various events around the world. The topics largely focus on entertainment, technology, and design, but cover every aspect of humanity. You can access videos of these talks for free. We at PapersHelm reviews consider this to be a useful way to spend your free time as the talks might just give you a new topic to write about.

5. Gutenberg

Gutenberg with its more than 57,000 free eBooks is one of the best sources for gathering information about a variety of subjects.  The site offers access to texts whose copyrights have expired. PapersHelm reviews it to be a rich resource for academic research when it comes to writing quality papers.


The Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) is at the forefront of providing articles related to education. This database includes a large body of academic literature covering a wide variety of topics and issues.  The site provides the options of the collection, thesaurus, and advanced search tips for accessing both peer-reviewed and full-texts.  Access journals online, or avail the option for download. In any case, you are in for a treat.

7. EdX

Edx is one of the best sites online offering free and paid basic and advanced courses in science, technology, computing, and writing among other subjects from top universities across the world.

The advances in technology have enabled learning at just a click of a button in current times. So, it falls upon us to make use of the sources at our disposal to make the best possible future for us.

PapersHelm reviews these 7 tips in hopes that students, educators, and readers, in general, can be aware of the benefits these sites can offer. Experts at PapersHelm have long used these sites to conduct research for improved writing and suggest you start doing the same.



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