PapersHelm Reviews 5 Exercises to Generate Creative Ideas

Brainstorming is the go-to method of searching for new ideas. But with the increase in the use of technology, many tools and exercises have been developed to get the creative juices flowing. If you are stuck in a mental rut, and can’t figure out how to proceed, then it is time you seek the advice of experts at PapersHelm.

1. Brain-writing

This exercise involves one person writing a thought down and then passing the paper to others so they can add their own ideas to the page. This process continues till everyone gets a chance to express ideas on paper. These notes are then gathered and discussed. This activity leads to equal participation and the opportunity to express thoughts and ideas. This prevents extroverts from stealing the show all the time.

2. C.A.M.P.E.R.

It is the process of improving ideas by questioning and testing them from various angles. For any project/problem at hand, you can ask relevant questions:

Substitute: What if one element was replaced by another?

Combine: What happens if the two elements are combined?

Adapt: What changes are needed to adapt the project to different situations?

Modify: What element can be modified to produce better results?

Eliminate: What element can be removed to make the project simpler?

Reverse: How can the project be reorganized to make it more effective?

The experts of PapersHelm believe these methods can help you be clearer and focused as problems can be discussed in unexpected ways. One can analyze an issue more thoroughly and come up with the best idea to resolve it.

3. Group Sketching

Visual thinking has always been hailed as one of the best methods of learning and triggering new ideas. Participants can build on each other’s ideas in this exercise.  All you have to do is sketch an image related to the topic under discussion and pass the paper to someone else for another sketch. The final images can be reviewed and new connections can be discovered in the process.

4. Alter-Egos

PapersHelm reviews this to be a fun way of generating new ideas. You can imagine being led by a famous fictional or real-life character in solving a real-life problem. For example, how would Cat Woman or Don Draper help improve the brand image or marketing message for the millennials? How would Winston Churchill guide you in improving your communication skills in current society? Choose whoever you like as long as they embody the right job qualities to help develop better vision and get creative.

5. Storyboarding

This exercise can help you understand problems with proposed solutions that you can conduct more research on and develop a visual story. A visual story can help you and other team members understand interactions more clearly to present a solution.  Use sticky notes to write your ideas down and ask your team members to do the same. These ideas do not have to be complete thoughts and may include quotes, user info, and pictures among other things. Once done, you can arrange these notes on a board and organize materials as you see the connections. Eliminate any material that does not meet your end goal and voilà, you have a whole list of ideas in your hand.

These exercises and techniques can help improve your insight into how new ideas can be generated. You can receive more knowledge and experience by working with others in an exercise like sketching and storyboarding. Other exercises can help you tap deeper into your think tank and come up with innovative ideas.



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