Role Played by Second Language in Altering Students’ Perception


Language plays an integral part in our daily lives. Not only does it help revive communication between us and others but also grooms us on various facets. Most of you would be wondering how the second language can do that. Well, there are some ways that PapersHelm reviews here for you.

Consider this; the way you communicate with others and make use of words to define your feelings, have an influence on the listener. This is how perceptions are made, contacts grow, concepts are exchanged and people start to adapt with one another.

Take the case of the English language, for instance, students who are good at it tend to secure good grades; compared to those who don’t know it well. PapersHelm reviews some of the changes brought by language into your life and personality.

Impact on Moral Judgment

Learning and speaking the second language has a provocative effect on our emotions and judgment. This is because our primary or first language is synced with our emotional range; the way we speak and express ourselves. This is the reason that when we are angry or experiencing an emotional outburst we usually peak in our primary language.

Using the second language can, thereby, influence way you judge certain things and situations. It is apparent that when using the second language, students are thinking more clearly and are in an objective state of mind. In this way, they are clear-headed and impartial.

Ability of Concentration

The concentration ability of bilingual students increases with use of the second language. By this PapersHelm reviews that bilinguals can switch from one language to another without changing topic. As time passes this ability is enhanced with practice. Students can use this ability to adapt to any kind of situation and concentrate equally while switching between two languages.

Adapting to Worldly Culture

The second language gives an edge to speakers when they intend to talk about certain topics. This means that if a topic is prohibited or tabooed in your first language, you can talk about it in your second language. For students, this is an opportunity to participate on various platforms, irrespective of social restrictions and prove their capabilities.

The Refinement of Perceptions

When speaking the second language, perception plays a very important role. Not only does it refines mind but also convinces your mind to be smart. PapersHelm reviews that if you consider your second language to be rational and smart, it will actually make you feel smart when you speak it. That said you feel more confident and competent when speaking the English language rather than your first language.

Bilingual students have an edge over single language speakers. You can act smart and more confident in class than other classmates. As defined by the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis; a theory of linguistic relativism, your language and your concepts of the world around you are correlated. Your second language aids the understanding of the evolving world in a better way.



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