PapersHelm Reviews 5 Writing Tips to Make Each Word Memorable

Whether you are to write a blog post, or a research paper, writing content that no one will forget is no easy task. It takes a great deal of experience, language skills, and creativity to make your words stand out from other writings.  So, if you are eager to learn some tips to make your words memorable, PapersHelm reviews five tips to make the magic happen for you.

Start with a Specific Idea in Mind

Ideas are the key to expression and if you fail to focus on an idea, then you are unlikely to write effectively.  Improve your level of imagination to have more creative ideas. Read thoughtful books and articles that will stimulate your brain to think more and do more. When you have something specific to say, you waste less time with unnecessary words and write more meaningful sentences. This will help improve your writing style and make it more memorable for readers.

Use Simple Words

We at PapersHelm consider it a good practice to use simpler and smaller words. This is because they are easier to understand. Using complex words only deters the writers from making an impact. To keep your audience engaged, you have to keep it simple because most people just skim through the content.  Use long words only when you have no appropriate substitute, otherwise stick to basics.

Stick with Active Voice

The subject, verb, object sequence of active voice is one of the first lessons in grammar at school. But, we forget these old lessons somewhere along the way. Active voice is still as important today as it was before. Reversing this sequence leads to a passive sequence and PapersHelm reviews suggest you avoid passive voice as much as possible, though there are certain cases where its use is acceptable. Check out this link for more information.

Avoid Rambling and Redundancy

You need to completely avoid these two aspects of your writing. If you are out of words, use images and flowcharts, and other interactive elements to express your ideas on paper. Rich imagery and visual cues are more memorable than repeating the same concepts again and again to complete the word count.  Develop your unique perspective when writing, for it can pave the way to people’s hearts and minds.

Remember the 10% Rule

The 10% rule simply means that people will remember only 10% of a given presentation. This rule can be applied to writing as well. People forget, but you can use memory retention tactics like memory magnets, attention triggers, and decision drivers to draw their attention. There is only so much a person can pay attention to, so make sure your content is worth reading.

People may forget the majority of your content, but if it’s well written, they will remember your thesis, or perhaps that impressive tagline you created. Why do you think, we remember our favorite quotes? It is because the words resonate with us, and we feel connected to the writer on some level. Our suggestions can help you develop a better writing style and improve your instincts about writing.

We at PapersHelm think writing memorable and impactful words are every writer’s dream. Though we cannot be perfect, we can be great at what we do. If you are someone bursting with creative ideas, the need to make an impact, and have great instincts about people, making your words memorable will no longer be an issue.



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