6 Tips to Solve Analytical Problems with Figures

The analytical problems with figures on college tests confuse students often. For someone who has not gone through such tests before, the questions and figures may not make much sense. The problems are designed to assess a person’s ability to consider facts and rules and solve analytical problems accordingly. 

However, most of the students do not know that these questions have tricks of their own that can be mastered with continuous practice. Papershelm reviews six tips for you to solve analytical problems in a better manner.

Get Practice Material

You can find a lot of practice material in books as well as on the internet. If you want to score well on the test, you need to start practicing today. Most of the students score well on these tests because they have years of practice. It is very rare that someone would get these tests on the first attempt and score well. PapersHelm will keep you updated on more news that is relevant.

Look for Patterns

In most of these tests, there is a sequence of patterns shown and one item is missing from one series. By looking at the pattern of the first two series, you have to decide on the third one. There is no complicated logic involved in this. Items in each series follow similar patterns, so observe carefully.

Check for Directions

In some of the questions, some boxes or circles move in a certain direction. For example, two series may be given and you are required to finish the third one by selecting the correct answer. Some objects could be moving in one direction or two of the objects may have interchanging positions in a certain pattern. Locating the correct direction of numbers, sequences, or objects can easily provide the answer to you. Keep reading PapersHelm reviews for more insights.

Look for Increment Pattern

An item is added to the figures as one progress in figure-based questions. It means that in a given series, the second image has an additional pattern, third has two and fourth has three and so on. You can find the answer to the last series easily by locating the pattern in which an object has been added in the given series.

Consider Odd Options Too

In some analytical problems, the series is arranged in a certain way that needs to be closely followed. There is some rule for completion of a series and you should figure that rule out and apply to the last series. The choices for answers must contain one odd answer that violates that rule.

Manage Your Time

Once you have practiced enough and can recognize different types of questions time management will become easier. When you are practicing questions with figures, put on a timer to keep track of your speed. Each time you practice with a timer, make sure your pace is improving. This will help you solve questions well under pressure and score well too.

The questions given in practice material mostly carry the possible patterns that you may get on your exam paper. Analytical questions can be quite tricky even when you are sure you know the answers. To score well, keep practicing because that is the only way you can perform well in the analytical section of any test. Remember practice leads to perfection!



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