3 Ways to Overcome Your Doubts About Writing

Self-doubt is a plague that diseases the mind of writers every now and then. It is a crippling sense of doom that if you don’t shake can lead you to quit writing. Our inner doubt paves way for writer’s doubt as well. It occurs when you feel, or others tell you that you are not good enough.

As a writer, you never know how people will respond to your work, which makes self-doubt your constant companion. But, if you are ready to overcome that inner gloom and doom, it is time for you to read what experts at PapersHelm have to say. We have shortlisted a couple of effective ways for you to abandon self-doubt for good. Read on!

Don’t Let Yourself and Others Be Hard on You

It’s true we are the hardest on ourselves. This is because we know ourselves, and when we start questioning our ability to do something, we let ourselves down. Our desire to be liked by others is overshadowed by the fact that we can’t be liked by everyone. Here is some advice by Tim Ferris to deal with haters.

As writers, we need to come to terms with the fact that critics are everywhere and if we can ignore them, then surely, we can fight our own demons. Writing is a means to express your thoughts. Don’t judge yourself too much that you fail to think altogether. Rise above.

Don’t Give Voice to Your Inner Gloomy Gus

Our brain tends to rationalize everything. The resultant gloomy inner voice prevents us from taking risks in our writing and other activities. When you experience a moment or two when you feel you just can’t go on, let that inner monster know that you are a talented writer and you can do it.

There may be many embarrassing pieces of writing in your past, but these writing excerpts hold an important lesson: Never let your inner Gloomy Gus say you can’t write and won’t make it as a writer. The truth is you can be a writer and learn to forgive your mistakes. All you have to do is to quiet that negative inner voice down. The doubts will go away in time. The experts of PapersHelm follow this approach to overcome writer’s block.

Say No to Comparisons

Another annoying habit writers have is of comparing their work to that of others. Even the most successful ones do it. Comparing yourself to others is a bad habit because of the numerous negative effects it has on people.  Psychologists call ‘comparison to others’ a drive – just like hunger or thirst that threatens your self-esteem. PapersHelm reviews comparisons to be one of the main reasons most writers don’t feel confident about writing.

As a writer, comparison leads to negative thoughts such as wondering why the lesser talented people got more famous, or their work is more appreciated. We at PapersHelm think that the ‘why not me’ paradigm can hamper a writer’s ability to write well. Writers can lose their focus, and make mistakes they never made before. So, overcome your self-doubt by saying no to comparisons.

Most people can ignore what others have to say about them, but for writers, handling criticism can be tough. This is because they have a larger audience to please and are constantly being judged by the words they put on paper.  With these methods, you can have greater strength of mind, better focus, and improved resilience in the face of criticism.



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