How to Eliminate Triviality from Your Writing

Bringing variety in writing is not a walk in the park. You need to use a lot of terms, enhanced diction and get into shoes of the person you are writing for. Certain situations and settings require specified terminologies and connotations. To fill these holes in your writing, you need good vocabulary, yes! But along with it, there are certain tips that you need to follow.

Papershelm reviews various useful ways for you to remove trivial details from your writing. Following these tips will not only make your writing persuasive and engaging but also make it captivating. Following are some tips that Papershelm has extracted after much careful examination.

Master Skills First

You cannot simply become an expert within days. Certain baby steps ought to be taken. Thus, to become an expert writer, you need to learn writing skills first. Some definite techniques are as bellow,

  • Play around small situations to involve readers
  • Create metaphors and similes that would nail your introduced concepts and make writing more entertaining
  • Bring cohesion in your writing by outlining content or you can do opposite with reverse-outlining
  • Seek help from soundbites, that are rhyming words and the ones that get repeated in a sing-song way
  • Add punctuations and work on energetic rhythm flowing through your whole writing
  • Do not make complicated sentences, make them understandable and easy so that readers can jump from one paragraph to next with ease
  • Research about adding meaningful words and avoid trivial ones
  • Add questions; they invite readers to give their two cents and thus keep them hooked

Convert Writing into Your Habit

Practice will definitely make you perfect but habitual practicing will make your writing flawless.

  • Explore internet for different writing exercises.
  • Set your phone aside, set clock for 30 minutes and start writing
  • Break down your content for proofreading and editing
  • Be responsible; make it your duty to write a blog or an essay once a week
  • Follow a plan; outline, write, edit, proofread and format
  • Take inspiration from your surroundings for your next writing topic

Freshen Your Writing

What is the point of writing something that no one would bother to read? Surely you don’t want yourself to be the only audience of your composition! So, how can you compel people to read your writing without making them jaded? Well, PapersHelm suggests following solutions:

  • Make your writing more revealing; peel off the old paper of dusty information and scratch out newer facts
  • Be confident; add statistics and quotations
  • Sound persuasive; which cannot be possible unless you add real-life examples
  • Be empathetic; convincing your readers that you totally understand a certain situation is one of many ways to add empathy to your writing

Take Inspiration from Pioneers

No one is a born expert; we all learn with our experiences and time we invest in practicing. Papershelm suggests that you can either borrow someone else’s writing tactics or come up with your own.

  • Read, read and read
  • Be attentive when reading a book, listening to a song or watching a movie; you can always grab something interesting from their content
  • Give special attention to sales copies and e-mails

Papershelm reviews these tips to bring out that best writer hidden in you. Follow these tips or take a leaf out of your favorite writer’s book; whatever way you like.



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