9 Effective Tools for Academic Writing

A great deal of effort is required whether you write an essay or a thesis. Not everyone has equal writing skills, but it is important that people learn more techniques to improve the art of writing. Some might seek essay writing services but that will not help improve their own writing skills. PapersHelm reviews ten effective tools that can help you become a better writer.

Title Case

If you are unsure about the letters that you want to use in the title of your paper, then simply copy your headline in this tool and see the magic happen. The tool will help perfect your title case and improve the paper’s outlook.

Headline analyzer

CoSchedule’s headline analyzer helps break down your headline and separate different words to suggest hints on improving the headline. A score is given for each choice so you have plenty of time to pick the best one.

Alchemy Text

It can be very difficult to pick a topic to write a great paper in the first place. This tool helps extract important topics through natural language processing. It is a great tool to make you understand entities, concepts, and keywords among other things.


This is the best tool for making notes in any format that can be synced with any device. You can organize your note-taking and writing ability, which makes your paper more attractive and easy to follow.


Hemingway app

This is a simple text editor that you can gain access through any web browser. It can help assess passive voice, highlight long sentences, and spot vocabulary errors. The tool is very useful in improving readability and quality of your work.


Not everyone is blessed with good grammar skills but worry not. PapersHelm recommends using this tool to proofread or edit your work on-spot. It checks plagiarism as well which you can fix because no copying of work without proper citation is allowed in academic writing.


This app helps the writer to focus on an uncluttered interface. It has a hidden menu that can be accessed by moving the mouse to the screen’s edge. It has many features like multiple languages, spellcheck, timers, and daily goals among other things.


This is a unique tool designed for people who do not want to spend too much on their first draft. You can set word limit in this tool. Each letter will flash when writing. A person can only write and edit within the set limit of words.


This tool will help identify frequent words in any given text or extract keywords from some great piece of writing you found. PapersHelm reviews deem this a great way to help regulate the frequency of words and improve readability of work.


The Most Dangerous Writing App

This is a unique app. This app will make you forget writer’s block and force you to finish your assignment on, or ahead of time. This tool wipes out all text within 3 seconds of pausing, so make sure you don’t stop writing until your work is done.

Writing is difficult only if you make it so. Quality piece of writing is possible if you use your time and brains effectively.



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