7 Things About Academic Writing All College Students Should Know

Are you off to college soon and worried about your writing skills? Writing is an important skill that will help students achieve good grades and allow them to communicate with their teachers easily. PapersHelm has all the right things to tell you to overcome the challenges you face in academic writing.

Know the Type of Writing Required

College-goers should be aware of the type of essay required for college application as well as academia. Students may have to write argument papers, expository papers, research papers, academic proposals and essays. So, understanding the requirements of each type of essay can help students write more coherently and convey the message across.

Use Your Time Wisely

Students can be ‘plungers or planners’ when it comes to writing. Plungers tend to jump into writing without a clear plan whereas planners plan ahead of time. The plungers pose more risk because they tend to spill everything onto a page, which affects readability of the text. PapersHelm advises you to choose your approach with care so you do not waste time in writing useless information.

Avoid Rambling in the Preamble

An introduction in any piece of writing should be focused and present a clear idea. This will help grab the interest of the readers instantly and compel them to read ahead. We at PapersHelm recommend you to stop beating around the bush and get to the point from the first line or risk losing reader’s interest.

Don’t Over-Exaggerate

You might be good at a lot of things but over-exaggerating on your college application or essay can end badly. Remain honest in your wording and explain how your experiences have shaped you as a person. This will look more humane and enable others to empathize with you to a greater extent.

Avoid ‘Flowery’ Speech

College essays are a great chance for you to express yourself. So avoid adding complex words or pompous speech that will confuse the reader. Stick to the basics and keep the facts straight. Using unnecessary vocabulary words in essays or other academic writing may not fit with the tone of the essay. For more information, check out this link.

Learn to Edit

Avoid submitting work before thoroughly editing and proofreading it. Use tools like Grammarly for checking grammar and sentence structure online to avoid issues later on. Every student must practice the art of self-editing. A good strategy is to read the written words out loud so any repetitive words could be identified. PapersHelm reviews a couple of reviewing skills here.

Get Feedback

There is no better way to improve academic writing than getting people’s feedback. Feedback can help you gain a reader’s perspective and explore more ideas. Make sure that you do not just hand over your work to random people. Choose an expert in academic writing for best results.

Going to college is as much about finding new directions in life as it is about learning. Make sure you have all the writing tools and tips up your sleeve before you end up in college. Being a good writer can help you communicate more effectively with your peers and improve your grades.



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