7 Reasons Students are Unprepared for College Life

Thinking of enrolling in college, but have no idea what to study? Do you keep thinking there is more to life than going to college and getting a piece of paper that will determine your success? If such questions plague you, then read on because Papershelm reviews some reasons of unpreparedness so that you can change your perception.

Not Ready to Take Responsibility

If you are not willing to take more responsibility, then you should rethink about going to college. Research shows that a gap between perceptions of employers and students exists. While students feel confident about their skills, employers feel students are not ready and a college degree may or may not change that. Mentally prepare yourself for responsibilities.

Lack of Support System

Some students lack a good financial and emotional support system, which deters them from pursuing higher education. Young adults need love and care because that will directly affect their life choices. This role can be filled by a parent, a sibling, or a teacher but has to be a constant part of one’s life.


The major problem a student may face is to decide a college and the courses to study, especially with so many options available. Students may lack a sense of responsibility or the will to pursue their chosen courses, making them quit college before it starts. This indecisiveness can limit students’ abilities. So, we at PapersHelm suggest students to experiment, make decisions, and learn from mistakes.

Work/study Conflict

Not everyone is born with a silver spoon. Many students have to rely on part-time jobs to pay for college, which causes a significant imbalance between work and school life. Some students may not be able to handle the pressure of college and work, which would make them quit. Others have to fulfill familial responsibilities which prevent them from going to college.

Steep Tuition Prices

Tuition costs are on the rise and they make paying for college difficult. In this age, tuition insurance has become very important. According to PapersHelm reviews, some students may find insurance inconvenient on top of tuition an unnecessary burden, which can put them off of the idea of college.

Lack of Value-Addition

There is also a great deal of debate about the importance of a formal education in the present times. People left, right and center are getting college degrees that are adding no value to their lives. No practical skills are being taught in colleges that would help students in real life.

On top of that, technology outpaces modern education day by day, rendering college degree highly insignificant. For most students, this is enough of a reason to skip college and seek vocational skills, or associate degrees.

A Degree Does Not Ensure Job Security

Anyone who thinks their college degree will guarantee job security is wrong. The only thing that will help you secure a job is your skill in a particular domain. This aspect will make you valuable for businesses and they would want to hire you. People who realize this tend to avoid colleges, and instead equip themselves with skills other businesses want.

The point is that a student should focus on more than rote learning or earning perfect grades.  This is a matter of your future; you can either shine or get lost in the abyss. The choice is, and always will be yours. If any of the above reason is an obstacle in your way of joining college, explore your subconscious and find out what you really want.



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