Ultimate Guide to Write a Critical Thinking Essay

Writing essay is one of the common tasks you will do in your student life. The critical thinking essay is used to assess the ability of a student to analyze different aspects of a problem to give a proper conclusion. However, writing a critical thinking essay can be a daunting task. PapersHelm reviews the ultimate guide to writing the critical essay to wow your teachers. Read some valuable tips without further ado!

Choose the Right Topic

A critical essay will require a very good topic to discuss. Your teacher will expect you to select a well-researched topic that you can give an opinion on. If you are giving an opinion on something, you repeatedly read that piece to outline main points. PapersHelm suggests that you choose a topic that can be narrowed down to a few arguments. Select one philosophy or argument that can be analyzed.
Work on Problem Statement
A very important part of your introduction is the problem statement. It is a statement that you have to prove by presenting valid arguments in the essay. Write a specific problem statement about the topic under study. A strong problem statement will give information about the topic under study and highlight the major arguments of the essay.

Outline Your Arguments

The rest of the essay should focus on solid arguments to support the problem statement. Research should be done to provide solid evidence on the subject. If the paper is analytical, give logical arguments to favor your argument or analysis. Try to find the similarities and differences to provide a good comparison of the literature. Avoid deviating from your main argument by using emotional tactics.
Compose Body of the Essay
The next step is to draft the body of your essay. Students should provide a summary of the main points in the initial paragraphs. You should develop the argument in the first few paragraphs. This is evidence in favor of your point. You should be ready for objection to your arguments. PapersHelm recommends you to learn new ideas and respond to critique with proper research.

Consider Using Alternatives

There may be evidence to negate your problem statement while collecting data for the essay. Make sure that you refine or revise your problem statement. If you do not take this step, then it may lead to problems in finding good arguments. Research other point of views to provide a good conclusion. A major aspect of critical thinking essay is how well you can defend your thesis in light of different views.
Wrap Conclusion Like a Pro
A conclusion at the end of the essay is a must. This part should provide a summary of all your arguments to prove your problem statement. The conclusion can include future research recommendations or make a point about unresolved issues. Potential arguments against your thesis can also be written in this section to be more precise.

Proofread and Avoid Copying

Make sure you read your essay at least twice before submission. Use online tools to proofread or ask a friend to read your essay to get a second opinion. Do not copy someone’s work without giving them credit. If you are using a direct quote or some other research, then cite properly. You must ask your teacher the style of referencing required so changes can be made within the deadline.
This blog is an excellent source of information for those writing a critical essay for the first time. A critical essay is vital to improve your critical thinking as well as analytical skills. We at PapersHelm want you to get those creative juices flowing. If you need more assistance, feel free to visit



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