Papershelm Reviews 4 Ways to Make Reading Lessons Last

Reading can be interesting and complex at same time. Although books are a superb source of reading but internet also provides various options for reading. In this fast-moving world, people don’t have time to read every single line and page. Students especially are always looking for reading shortcuts.

Understanding paragraphs with thick vocabulary is hard for students. Papershelm understands this dilemma. Hence, we have listed some ideas to cognize reading text most shortly. Here PapersHelm reviews some easy and funny tricks for you today.

Ask Questions as You Read

Some reading passages can be hard for students to read. So hard that they cannot reach the end of them without messing up actual meaning. This way most of the passages leave questions in their minds. To get through this problem, use sticky notes as you read. Whenever in doubt or confused about anything, just write it on a sticky note. You can paste it on that reading page.

After completing passage return to that question. Discuss this question with your classmates or friends. In this way, you will get some ideas. And at last, all your questions will be answered. This activity makes you realize that not understanding everything is ok. And that asking questions from others is not a big deal.

Use Sticky Notes to Make a Summary

You can use sticky notes for summarizing the whole book.  Once everyone in the class has finished reading, give 3 notes to everyone. On each note, write 3 most important events from passage. You should write most evident events from whole reading.  Also, make sure that you understand that event properly. Read notes and make a summary of events in sequence.

This is an inspiring task. Recalling events in order is not easy. But once you are done, you can summarize them. In this way, you will not get lost in reading the text. Writing from the gist of events also sharpens memory.

Preview Vocabulary

When reading the text, note down difficult words on the sticky note. After you finish reading, ask everyone to give their sticky notes. Write the words in a notebook or on the blackboard for better understanding. Ask your classmates to share their own understanding of the word. Search for the part of speech endings or word roots. Then you can read their meaning in the original context.

In this way, you will be able to get the meaning of different words. You will also be able to comprehend the context in which they are used. Once everyone shares their words, the true meaning will be clear.

Use KWL Charts

KWL stands for ‘Know, Want to Know, and Learned.’ Before starting the reading, use sticky notes for using KWL. Write one idea per note about a given topic. As you complete it, share it with your classmates what the idea is about.  As they listen to the ideas, they can relate them with facts of their own.

Keep calling the ideas and listening to the events until all the ideas are shared. Once this is done, write down any questions that may arise as a result of the topic discussion. In this way, your learning will enhance, and you will find it easy to read and understand.

PapersHelm reviews these ideas to make reading easy for you. Use these tips to make reading easy and interesting. Also share these ideas with your classmates as well.



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