Blogging Tips by Professional Bloggers for College Students

Blogging is trending fashion in the world of IT.  From marketing to speaking out for something, from a mode of earning to spreading the word, blogging is ultimate medium. But what exactly is the right way to write a blog? To be true, none! You may come across many tips; finding some useful, other useless.

But there are many successful bloggers, who know how they are flourishing. We thought we could get their help in this respect. For beginners, these tips will prove to be helpful. You can get advice and practice to see results. Papershelm reviews some amazing tips if you wish to become a college blogger.

Create Captivating Call-to-Actions

Nate Kontny, the founder of Draft, suggests writing inviting CTAs. These CTAs should remind the reader to sign-up for your newsletter or follow you on some social media account. Doing so will double followership. CTA should be welcoming or else offering some future help. PapersHelm suggests the same.

Constancy is Key

Neil Patel, the founder of KISSmetrics, says you need to post on a regular basis. This will help in adding more subscribers. Your interest in blogging is synched with reader’s interest. The more consistent you are in posting blogs, the more interest reader will take in your posts. You can also visit PapersHelm for help.

Add Emails to your List

Having a long list of email addresses is always useful. From the first day, you should focus on building an email list. Even if you are not selling anything, you should still have a good number of sign-ups. Promoting content straight to readers is important. This will save you from worrying about social media ranking.

Write for the sake of Yourself

Adii Pienaar, the founder of PublicBeta, suggests you should not worry about what opinions people hold. Do not care what others will think of your opinion. It’s your thought and opinion that matter most. Stay focused on your ideas. Find ways to put them forward in the right and proper way. It’s a matter of time when the audience will start noticing.

Know your Audience

Brian Clark, founder, and CEO of Copyblogger advises focussing on what audience needs. It requires time and effort to find the interest of the audience. Often you have to be in shoes of the audience to know where their heart lies. This understanding will resonate with your content as well.

You should adopt this strategy in the very beginning. You can engage your audience through social media. Stir their thoughts by sharing your view on a tweet or Facebook post. If you get a good response, you are good to go. So you can use social media as test grounds.

Take Audience’s Ideas

Dave Larson, the founder of @tweetsmarter, suggests taking ideas from the audience. The more people get engaged with you, the more you will find out about their interests. This will also save your time of looking for a new idea. As a result, your blog will grow. And more people will get to know about it.

PapersHelm reviews these simple tips from professional bloggers and hope that will help. But only knowing the tips is not enough. You also need to practice and experiment these tips. Only the experiment will show how much handy these suggestions are. Follow these tips if you wish to be a successful college blogger.



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