6 Tips for Keeping Your Students Engaged in Class

Unlike many other people, students have a knack for showing disinterest in certain routinely chores. Especially when it comes to studying, students can get easily disconnected. There can be many reasons for this disengagement. The foremost of all is attending boring lessons.

Making lessons interesting is a big challenge for the teacher. So is keeping a check on the consistency of lesson. And there is nothing unusual about it as no one can stay attentive throughout a long lesson.

PapersHelm reviews some interesting tips today that can help you keep students engaged.

Be Fair when Dealing Students

It happens that one student is teacher’s favorite. But this liking should not make other students feel left out. The more just and fair you are with all of the students, more confident and protective students will feel. Make them feel that they all are equally important part of the class. This will help them enhance productively as well.

Be Strict About Class Etiquettes

Regardless of the tediousness of lesson, you should seek students’ attention. Maintain a strong hold on etiquettes of class. Ask for total silence and no talking and complete attention towards lecture. Ask questions from random students occasionally to keep them alert. In this way, they will be all ears towards your lesson, as suggested by experts of PapersHelm.

Teach Collaboration Skills

PapersHelm proposes that lots of time can get wasted if students do not collaborate with the teacher and even with fellow students. Ask them to help each other in case it is needed. Rather than offering your help, let them help themselves. Students who find difficulty in carrying out certain activities should be encouraged to ask for help from other students.

Assign Tasks That Require Less Supervision

Tasks such as distributing and collecting papers, or leading a small group of students in an argument against another student group need less supervision. PapersHelm suggests that such tasks spark activity and enthusiasm among students. They feel more obliged and responsible and thus perform better. In such activities, sense of competition also awakens, and students utilize time efficiently.

Use Varied Teaching Style

Changing teaching methods is important. Students tend to get bored with banal routinely teaching. They are always on the lookout for a change. PapersHelm suggests you can bring that change by moving from teacher-centered learning to student-centered learning. Rather than calling out a lesson to students, divide them into pairs and let them discuss.

Emphasize on Accountability

If the teacher keeps taking responsibility for every task, students will soon become lazy and irresponsible. PapersHelm suggests that you should let students take responsibility for their tasks. Make them realize that they can be held accountable for their projects. Make group leaders and ask them to ensure work completion of their groups.

PapersHelm reviews these tips so that you can make your students more confident and responsible. By letting them become the captain of their ships, you are making them do their part.




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