5 Most Common Grammar Mistakes Students Make in College

Grammatical trip-ups are common whether you are an amateur writer or a professional.  You may not be crazy about grammar, but grammatical errors can put your career in jeopardy. Poor grammar suggests that writer did not put in his 100% and cannot write properly. It plainly promotes the non-seriousness of the writer towards his ability to write.

Avoiding grammatical errors should be the priority of college students. If you are a college student, you should make sure that your content is devoid of flaws in sentence structure. PapersHelm reviews some common grammatical mistakes that most students make in their assignments. Have a look!

Use of Vague Pronoun

A pronoun is a replacement of a noun referring to a person, thing, or place. But if you add a pronoun as a vague reference to a noun, then it creates confusion. Pronouns like which, this, it and that fall in this category. PapersHelm proposes following example.


Drake brought his dad home from the hospital. He feels happy now.

Here ‘he’ is referring to both and thus creating confusion. The correct sentence would be,

Drake feels happy for bringing his dad home from the hospital.

Use of Dangling Modifier

A modifier is a word that adds meaning to another word. But when this modifier is written next to an unusual word, it implies wrong meaning. If the dangling modifier is written with a wrong word, it sounds awkward.


She came across a deserted men’s club.

Here the word deserted is making the word ‘men’s’ look incorrect. The correct form would be,

She came across a men’s deserted club.

Use of the Wrong Homonym

Homonyms are the words that sound alike but have different meanings in sentences. When you use the wrong homonym, sentence looks disordered and erroneous. Homonyms are hundreds in number. PapersHelm suggests that the only way to avoid their wrong use is to memorize and practice them.


I was hear yesterday.

This is wrong since ‘hear’ means ‘to listen.’ The correct word is,

I was here yesterday.

Not Adding Comma in Compound Sentence

Students usually find the use of the comma in compound sentences difficult. As per grammar rules, the comma is added before coordinating conjunction and after the first clause.


He was happy and he was relaxed and he was satisfied.

The correct form is,

He was happy, and he was relaxed and, he was satisfied.

Wrong Use of Apostrophe with ‘Its’

The apostrophe is only used with the short form of ‘it is.’ A simple ‘its’ refers to belonging.


Its her birthday today right?

The correct sentence is,

It’s her birthday today, right?

Sentence Fragment

Sentence fragments do not have a single independent clause. Such a sentence may not have a verb or a subject or both. This makes the sentence look awkward and gives an incomplete meaning.


She was happy with her life. Irrespective of her miseries.

Here the last part of the sentence does not emit any proper meaning. The correct sentence would be,

Irrespective of her miseries, she was happy with her life.

So if you avoid these mistakes, you will be able to handle your writing. Practicing these rules will have a lasting impact on quality of your writing. PapersHelm reviews these mistakes to give you an opportunity to learn. You can be a good writer by omitting these mistakes.



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