Save Time for Your Thesis Using These Tools

Working on a thesis seems so hard that many students choose to quit their college rather than completing it. You will have to forget about your regular sleeping hours and taking proper meals. But do you think it is the right way to deal with this daunting task? We do not think so.

Students usually have no clue how to deal with the thesis. Well, do not worry! Today Papershelm reviews and shares some tools, you can use them and save a lot of time.

For Writing and Note Taking

90% of the students prefer using Microsoft Word but that is not part of your thesis requirement, right? So why not give it a change and try some of the other effective writing and note-taking software and tools.

  1. Latex : This is one of the high-quality writing tools used by many students; it has special features for scientific and technical documentation. This can happen to be a great help for your thesis writing. This tool is used at PapersHelm too.
  2. Scrivener : This is another good tool that has been used by many students to complete their essay and any other homework assignments. With the help of this tool, you can edit your text in a very easy manner.

For Knowledge Management

It is evident that you are supposed to do a lot of research when it comes to writing down a thesis and definitely, you are required to go through the huge amount of literature. To make sure that you are not lost while you do your research, there are a few tools available, which can help you in tracking your research.

  1. KeepNote : This can be very helpful while doing your research; you can take as many notes as you want. PapersHelm highly recommends note-keeping tools.
  2. Tomboy : This is another free and note-taking tool for students. This application works like a mind mapping tool, and you can always save time while you do your research.
  3. EyePlorer : This tool is very handy for those students who are supposed to work on charts. You can save data via charts and shapes with the help of this tool.

For Planning

You might want to stay organized while you do your research and here are some tools that are going to help you in that. PapersHelm comprehends student find it difficult to plan so here are some tools to help you out.

  1. AnyDo : It can bring your tasks into line and assist you in achieving maximum potential.
  2. Trello : Trello is one of the best tools available that can benefit you in seeing everything about your project in one place.
  3. Exam Countdown : It is an easy-to-use and a free app to retain track of your daunting deadlines.

Once you have started using any of these tools, you are most likely to use it for the rest of your academic career. Download these tools today since they are absolutely light and free of cost.

The blog shares a great list of handy tools, which can be very convenient when it comes to writing a thesis. To avail amazing thesis writing services, contact PapersHelm!



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