Essay Topic Suggestions That Will Put up a Good Argument

Argumentative essay is the art of defending your topic through reasoning and logical explanations. To support your point of view, you are required to quote examples, data and scientific discoveries. Although, fun to write, finding a suitable topic which can produce tons of useful arguments can be harder than you think.

For your convenience, we have suggested various debatable essay topics that are not overly used or clichéd. PapersHelm reviews these topics to provide you with an edge while reasoning for an argumentative essay. Feel free to use them or transform them to add your perspective!

Legal/Law Matter Topics

PapersHelm considers legal topics to be the most popular kind of argumentative essay topics as they provide the students with a chance to speak in favor or against about any existing law. Moreover, it includes information about why a certain law exists? Why shouldn’t it exist? And what can be done to bring reforms in the existing law body?

  • What should be the legal age for marriage?
  • Is the use of Taser guns by Police harmful for the offenders?
  • Gun ownership: Should the US put more restriction on gun laws?
  • Controlling substances increases their demand: True or false?
  • Regarding all the police abuse cases, should the excessive power & authority of the police force be curbed?
  • Are prisons least helpful in rectifying offenders’ criminal behaviors?

Moral Topics

It is easy to get carried away when it comes to moral topics. This is because they are general in nature and tons of material can be scoured from the internet. PapersHelm recommends moral topics as these topics usually have emotional factors so you may be tempted to provide tons and tons of material to prove your point. But curb your desire to do so by making an outline and sticking with it!

  • Why is animal testing still in practice?
  • Legal Euthanization: Should the patients be given a right to die via physician-assisted suicide?
  • Should the death penalty be used to put an end on heinous criminals’ lives?
  • Is it okay to allow a child to participate in beauty pageant shows?
  • Should companies endorse products from countries that rely on child labor practices?
  • Pre-employment drug tests exploit personal privacy rights. True or false?

Family Topics

PapersHelm recommends the topics related to families that can be found in abundance as each family differs from another. Apart from having separate marital problems, and psychological issues, there are tons of laws governing family behavior, which can be converted into interesting essay topics.

  • Should the government implement one-car-per-family policy?
  • Does China’s one-child-per-family policy exploit family rights?
  • Should heinous criminals be allowed to adopt or start a family?
  • Is it okay to use spanking as a method of disciplining children?
  • Do children have a birthright to their parents’ legacy?
  • Should parents provide monetary rewards to their children for achieving good grades?

And that is it! You can use these topics as they are or you can mold them according to your interest. As you will be defending your topic in detail, it is better to select one that is of your interest. Because if you pick something you like, writing about it would be a breeze!  If you still need consultation while writing an argumentative essay, you can contact PapersHelm.





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