How Word Clouds can Improve Essay Writing Skills

If you ever feel like words are flying in the air, then make a cloud out of them! Just like a picture speaks a thousand words, a word cloud can help you visualize words creatively. Word clouds are a useful strategy for students that help them in their assessments, reading, and pre-reading.

For starters, best use of a word cloud is when it is utilized for improvement of your writing skills. For your convenience, PapersHelm reviews word cloud strategy to help get most out of these clouds. Let’s explore!

Good Writing Sense; Student Need to be Aware of it

The experts at PapersHelm understand why students find writing difficult. Therefore, we suggest that if you tend to peer review your writing, you should take visual snapshots. Adding those snapshots in the draft would prove very helpful. This would help you in reading the draft, comparing it with Word Clouds, and reflecting on its association with concepts and themes of the draft.

Display of Commonly Used Words Assist in Improving Phrases and Themes

You can avail feature of displaying commonly used words in your Word Clouds. This changes how you view your writing. Since bigger words visible in the text are usually first-person conjunctions, this feature is particularly handy for those who write in 3rd person. Once you can see commonly-used words, it becomes easy to remove them.

Our reviewers at PapersHelm suggest this feature as it encourages students to use the third person in their assignments (pointer: most assignments need to be written in third person, not all).

Reviewing of Language Choice and Vocabulary

Repetitive use of words is a big issue, as it overshadows other structural and contextual issues in writing. PapersHelm understands that students often do not have a vast dictionary at their hands and tend to repeat words. Using Word Clouds, students can easily and quickly access vocabulary.

When Word Clouds highlight repetition issues, you will be able to see which words and phrases are frequently used, so that you can replace them. These clouds can also compare between a low level and a high-level essay to make students understand better.

Students can Review Their Writing from Perspective of Readers

PapersHelm has examined a very fine feature of Word Clouds that is to compare writing. Word Clouds give them the opportunity of reviewing their essay, assessing highlighted words, and decontextualizing a document.

This feature allows you to cross-check your work and pick out key points.  This feature helps you in recognizing issues in your writing. It may help you in working more intently on your thesis and themes and make amendments. Hence, you may end up revising your work thoroughly.

PapersHelm reviews these features to help you out in your essay writing specifically. You can always count on our reviews for better guidance in academic context. The expert reviewers at PapersHelm find it necessary to help you in improving your skills.



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