Lazy College Writing Tips

Many college students forget about the one main thing that is essential for their survival: writing! For the sake of better grades, college students need to develop great writing skills. For this reason, PapersHelm reviews certain writing tips which can help you improve your skills considerably.

Analyze Various Papers

Reading is a great habit as it helps develop your writing style. PapersHelm suggests putting down your cell phones and picking up any literary material like essays. When reading, try to break down the structure and analyze the material. This is a great strategy to learn about various writing styles. Also, this will help you acquire more information concerning any topic.

Never Take a Literary Trip to Wikipedia

PapersHelm notes that Wikipedia is not the most authentic source of information. So, stay away from Wikipedia as a single quote from any page can bring down your grades.

What Wikipedia is great for is finding ideas for topics and credible resources. Moreover, the Wikipedia’s footnotes are a treasure trove for knowledge-thirsty students. So only visit Wikipedia if you want to find authentic resources from the footnotes.

Divide Long Assignments into Manageable Pieces

An 8-page essay means that you need to write around 16 paragraphs. If you write an introduction and a conclusion paragraph, you will have 14 paragraphs for the essay’s body. Try to brainstorm or think of fourteen unique ideas that will support your thesis statement. Then, expand the ideas and rearrange them to ensure a natural flow. And by the end of this activity, you will have a complete essay ready for submission!

Block out the Distractions

Cellphones break your studying flow. This is why PapersHelm advises putting away your cell phones to block out the social notifications. If this isn’t helping, you can try to find a serene or calm environment to carry out your writing sessions. Also, a library is a better choice for students who want a break from their extreme social life.

Edit Your Paper Mercilessly

Many students rely on fluff words to reach the word count. As the teachers already know about this trick, PapersHelm advises not to use it anymore. Instead, try to stay clear of fluff words and opt for clarity and comprehension. Also, edit all the unnecessary words that do not add any value to your paper.

Use Google Translate to Ensure Smooth Flow

After the writing process, copy the document and paste it into Google Translate which will read the test out loud. Listen to your writing through this useful tool and identify all the breakage of flow, mistakes and spelling errors.

And this is what you can do to defeat procrastination and overcome your writing fears. Academic writing is fun and relaxing so try to begin the task a few weeks before the deadline.  Through this way, PapersHelm notes that you can have plenty of time for brainstorming & creating rough drafts.



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