Step Up Your Academic Writing Game by Using These 5 Social Networks

Social networking websites have done wonders since its inception. It is because of all those wonders that it has found its way into students’ studying routine. Such social networks are providing students with opportunities to enhance their Chegg’s academic skills. Connection with other students and the availability of useful resources are an added benefit with these networks.

So for your convenience, PapersHelm will be reviewing five important academic, social networking websites.


Sophia is a platform that connects students with renowned teachers from all around the world. It provides teachers with interactive tools and resources to help them keep their class fun and exciting. The other part of Sophia deals with college courses. It offers various reasonable subjects that can allow anyone to end up with a college degree.

PapersHelm reviews that Sophia courses cost a fraction of the traditional courses. Also, there aren’t any textbooks involved. All the lectures are online which means you can balance your degree and social life!


Heed this suggestion from PapersHelm as Docsity is a lifesaver! Docsity is a treasure trove for students looking for helpful study material. It caters to the needs of the university and high-school students by connecting them with other students. Also, students can share their notes, provide counsel, or simply chat with other people.

This app is a must-have as it’s regularly monitored by its regional head office to ensure quality.


StudyBlue provides the tools and material required to ‘realize your fullest potential.’ StudyBlue is a vast online library, regularly providing flash cards, notes, and guides to students within a few clicks. Through this platform, students can create or share study material. Also, they can track their progress, set reminders, and create custom exercises.

PapersHelm recommends this platform as it provides students with a unique take on studying.


Expensive textbooks can ruin college experience! This is why PapersHelm asks students to visit Chegg once in their lifetime. From Chegg, students can not only buy marked-down books, but they can rent textbooks as well.

Another striking feature of Chegg is that it offers tutors. Chegg doesn’t hire the tutors; instead, students sign up and offer to share their knowledge at reasonable rates. Also, you can navigate their Q/A section to find answers or ask Chegg’s experts for solutions.


As PapersHelm puts it, Lynda is a key player as it connects individuals with recognized industry experts. A subscription is all you need to connect with experts and to achieve your personal or professional goals.

Lynda is an online library that contains top-quality and engaging courses taught by expert professionals. Its wide range of video library includes subjects about softwares, business, creative skills, languages and much more.

And with this, PapersHelm reviews of various networking platform has come to an end! Without a doubt, these platforms are the best ones out there. The professionals, experts, and material available on these networks would surely help students overcome academic difficulties!



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