PapersHelm Reviews Ways to Deal with Ph.D. Depression

Every student faces some depression in his life; it can be due to exams or sometimes it can be due to urgent assignments. While there are high school or college students who suffer from anxiety when it comes to studying, there are Ph.D. students who also suffer from the same depression.

There are times when depression can be critical. Before it is too late, you must figure a way out to deal with this problem. Since the problem is serious, PapersHelm reviews some great tips to help those students who are suffering from the same issue.

Deal with Ph.D. Blues

As per my discussion with one of the PhDs from Australia, I got to know about many problems that are frequently being faced by PhDs students. It starts with regular anxiety and ends on a time when you are extremely low and your bright days become dark days.

It does not end here. You start to hate your life, and you do not know what you are doing anymore. You start keeping yourself at a distance from other people. According to PapersHelm, you can deal with this Ph.D. blues by researching on ways to get away and developing a work-life balance.

Achieve Something

You must start doing small little chores to feel like you have achieved something. It can be anything, let’s say if you have cleaned your kitchen or wardrobe, you must feel happy about it. Let’s take a look at other small tasks you can do to feel better:

  • Go for a Walk
  • Do something creative
  • Weed your garden
  • Do some washing
  • Go for grocery shopping
  • Read a novel

PapersHelm suggests these activities too. You can indulge in these activities to make yourself accomplished.

Treat Yourself Well

PapersHelm suggests that you set a reward system for everything you achieve otherwise there is no point of struggling for a task. You can reward yourself with any good treat; if you are a fan of coffee, you can have it right after you achieve something. Buy yourself some nice flowers or chocolates.

Try Something Different

You might think that you will waste your time in trying something; I suggest you still do it. Instead of sitting idle in the state of depression, it is better to try something new. Explore the internet or find yourself a good movie to kill your time. PapersHelm strongly advises that you keep yourself busy. You can also start watching some television series that is not depressing, yet interesting.

Be with the Right People

You meet every type of people in your life. Now it is up to you whom you choose to be friends with. You need to be careful here, as company matters a lot. If you choose to be friends with positive people in your life, know that you are welcoming positivity in your life. This can be a great weapon to kill anxiety and depression.

Quit Feeling Bad

Last but not the least you need to quit feeling guilty and bad about what you are going through. You must understand that only you can help yourself while you are in this state so make sure you help yourself first and then other students who are going through the same state.

In a nutshell, Ph.D. blues are common among doctoral students and if you find yourself in middle of nowhere, know that you are not alone.  If you are facing difficulty with documenting your dissertation, visit PapersHelm.



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