PapersHelm Reviews Tips to Write an Impressive Response Paper

Let’s say you have just watched a movie and one of your friends asked you “how was the movie?” Your response must be something like “It was great! I loved it” or something like “It was a downer! Waste of time!!

Now you are asked to write a response paper, and the first thing you would want to write here would be something similar to your reaction – What you didn’t like in the movie or about some great part, right? You may be wrong!

Let me teach you how to write a response paper. PapersHelm reviews and rounds up a mini guidebook to help you write an effective response paper. Let’s dig in without further delay.

What is a Response Paper?

First off, know that response paper is not something in which you can write your opinion. The experts at PapersHelm suggest it is an analytical essay that offers an informed reaction to something like an article, movie, book or any other play.

If you think it would be hard for you to jump from a basic opinion to analytical essay writing, then don’t worry, I’m here to teach you how to do it. I will not only explain you the basics but also tell you how to write something that will impress your professor.

What to Avoid?

Do not quickly review the article once and decide to write a response paper, make sure you have thoroughly reviewed the article before you begin. Do not focus on the summary part only; you must include a brief section in your paper.

Do not express your personal feelings towards the article, analyze the small details and write a brief opinion. Never write in first person tone, always use the third person tone and write it as per academic standard format. Never be reluctant to visit PapersHelm for assistance.

What to Highlight?

You can underline or highlight the important arguments of the articles. Remember the purpose of the article, what the writer is trying to say. Take notes while reading the article, take special note of what authentication the writer has provided or what references he/she is sharing in the article.

These are few of the important points to look over and highlight. Your response paper can change your grade so don’t hesitate to visit PapersHelm for help.

How to Respond?

After thoroughly reviewing the paper, you must have a thorough knowledge of what’s written in it. Make sure your response is not biased, loved it or hated it type. Make sure it as much analytical as possible.

PapersHelm suggests you need to observe what strategy writer has used to support his reasons and points. Take the time out and write down the questions separately which are popping in your head and answer them briefly, then begin.

What to Include in the Paper?

Split your response paper into three parts; introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. In the first part of your paper, which is an introduction, you must mention the title, author’s name, just a two-line summary of the article and a thesis statement.

As you work on the body paragraphs, make sure you remember the authenticity of the article and share your references accordingly. As for the conclusion, you need to conclude all the main points in one paragraph and end your essay.



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