How to Live Your Freshman Year

You have packed up your college bags, and you are ready to leave. Your parents have just dropped you off at your college, and you are scared. This situation is the stuff of nightmare but worry not; as PapersHelm is here to help you deal with your freshman year.

Do: Be Neutral

You might have been a cool kid at school, but college life is different. Make new friends, but make sure your school image doesn’t follow you to the college. PapersHelm reviews that you should introduce yourself to people coming from different paths of life. If you pick up the right people to socialize with, you will certainly become a better person.

Do: Learn New Things

Go out party with your new friends but don’t let the parties take away the charm of education from you. Take part in your class activities, and timely complete your writing assignments. Balance your life, as that is the key to success!

Don’t: Stress Out

College is a place to work hard, but for a righteous reason. College classes assist you in building up your future. In case you feel jammed down with assignments, never take the stress. Heed PapersHelm’s advice and work your brains out with fresh ideas.

Do: Volunteer

PapersHelm knows that four years seems like a very long time but never forget that time flies. Team up with your friends and volunteer in raising funding communities for your college. This way you will also toughen up your CV which would be very good for your career.

Do: Workout

Freshman 15 is real! A lot of food, in fact, FREE food is going to make you a little bulky. PapersHelm notes that you should not forget to exercise on a regular basis. Wake up early in the morning, put on your exercise gear and go out for a jog. If you like, bring your new friends on your exercise regime as well.

Don’t: Lose Temper

Staying out late and returning home tired, won’t do you any good, especially if you make a habit out of it. In whatever way, if you end up in such situations, the best way to cope up with it is to absorb the bad temper and let it go. Rethink your habits. Distance yourself from party-indulgers. And re-evaluate your entire schedule to get back on track!

Don’t: Skip Classes

When you have to wake up early morning, PapersHelm knows how attractive it would sound to bunk a class. But you can’t have more than 20 hrs of class a week, which is very good news since it’s not more than what you have already handled back in school.

The best thing about college is that you will get to learn a lot in the four years span. And if you take care of the above mentioned do’s and don’ts, you are going to have the finest time during your freshman year. You must party hard but don’t forget that you have to study even harder than that.



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