6 Podcast Episodes That Will Improve Writing Skills from PapersHelm

Having advanced writing skills can pay off in many ways. Good grades, developed writing career and whatnot! All of these things can motivate you to develop your academic writing, but the question is where to start?! Of course, you can take help from self-help books but why read when you can easily listen to a bunch of cool podcasts?

So without further ado, let’s just dive into the great yet helpful podcasts that have been gathered by PapersHelm for your convenience!

Grammar Girl from Quick & Dirty Tips

Every beginner looking to improve their writing needs to bookmark this podcast right away! Grammar Girl ranges from helpful to insightful tips on English storytelling and grammar

PapersHelm reviews that you should take out the time to read their most famous podcast, ‘I.e., Versus E.g.’ and ‘Why English Spelling is a Mess?’

This is Horror by Stephen Graham

If it is difficult for you to conjure up words to form sentences, then this podcast is the one you need. PapersHelm notes that this podcast excels in teaching its listeners on how they can use memories to overcome writer’s block.

Also, Stephen Graham offers detailed insights on how one can overcome self-doubt and anxiety whenever it comes to writing.

On Story by Shane Black

After considerable evaluation, PapersHelm added the podcast to this list as it deals with the importance of writing groups. When writing in groups, you have the opportunity to share ideas, read others’ work and provide crucial feedback.

What’s more is that the author advises the readers to take it easy. If you’re out of ideas, don’t try to force one out of you. Instead, go out for a walk and let all the inspiration come to you naturally. This is a pretty solid advice considering writing is difficult.

A Way with Words

This podcast is a National Public Radio program that evaluates the English language through history, family, and culture. The podcast lasts for an hour and discusses the language in depth. According to PapersHelm, there is one special episode that you need to listen to which humorously analyzed poorly written query letters.

Writing Challenges by David Morley

What makes this podcast interesting is that David provides his listeners with writing challenges. Most of these challenges are creative and fictional. Further, his latest episode discussed the importance of re-reading the writing material aloud to identify passages that lack luster.

So if you want to improve your writing in the fictional area, this podcast is the best one to follow!

Writing Excuses

The podcast explores different writing techniques. A fantasy novelist, a cartoonist, and a horror writer are the brains behind this podcast. These three people combine and present their knowledge in the 15-minutes podcast. So if you are crunched for time, you need to give this podcast a try! Avoiding details, they provide enough guidance that can help you understand any writing technique.

While exploring the podcasts, you may notice that some of them have not been updated for years. But that doesn’t change anything as you’ll find some good writing advice. With this, PapersHelm concludes the podcast list that will help you with your writing. So don’t forget to give each podcast a listen!



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