Trick Your Teacher into Liking You Through 6 Strategies

It may seem uncool to a certain group of students, but ending up on the teachers’ good side is an incredible thing to happen as it can indirectly influence your professor’s feeling regarding the time they are willing to invest in you.

Also, a recommendation letter from a happy teacher would aid you in getting into your dream college or securing a dream job.

If thinking about your grad college acceptance letter is compelling you to trick your professor into liking you, then you have come to the right place.

We have shared various useful tricks and tips that will help you ingratiate yourself to your teacher!

Appear Interested

Nothing brightens up the day of your professor than to see interested and engaged students in their classes.

On the other hand, yawning and uninterested students usually discourage the professors from divulging deeply into the topic being discussed.

So if you appear interested by actively listening to what your professor is saying and making notes of all the lectures, you will automatically stand out from the rest of the class.

Greet Your Professor

It seems obvious but greeting your professors every time they enter your class is another way of getting noticed by your teachers.

As a very few students do it, you will have higher chances of being likened by your teacher.

Ask Questions

Carefully listen to what is being discussed and then ask questions about the material. When you do that, your professor will be surprised to learn that people were paying attention to the material being taught.

But be careful about your questions as any stupid question (will this topic be in the test) can result in your professor’s hatred!

Catch Up With Your Teacher Outside Class

One of the best ways to end up on your professor’s good side is by asking him questions about the issues raised during the class-discussion outside of the class.

Usually, you are required to discuss the material during working hours, but if your professor is starting to form a great opinion about you, he would prefer to talk about the issues outside the school premises.

Participate in Departmental Activities

Your professor will notice you even more if you start taking part in departmental activities such as lectures, seminars, students club, and meetings.

Your participation in such events will make your teachers see your passion and interest about any particular field.

Congratulate Your Professor on Achievements

Frequently visit your school’s website to get to know about any achievement, awards or titles your professor may have won.

Moreover, publishing a book or getting a promotion is also a nice thing to offer your congratulations to your teacher.

We all like being recognized for our accomplishments and professors are no different, so acknowledge your teacher’s achievement for them to like you even more!

Lastly, it is one thing to compliment your teacher (hyperlink: from a teachers to a student: X top test taking tips) and another thing to take it off the hook.

So recognize the difference between these two and keep your compliments to a moderate level.



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