How to Prepare for an In-Class Essay

In-class essays are such essays that are written within the class. Now, if your professor has assigned you an in-class essay, two situations might follow:

  • Your professor will tell you the topics that will be the major part of the in-class essay.
  • Or your professor will keep the topic a secret from you and only reveal the content on the day of the writing.

Whatever the condition, we have three tips for each category that will help you tackle this task like a pro!

Writing an In-class Essay with Knowledge of the Topic

If your professor has informed you concerning the topics that will be a part of the in-class essay, blowing off your study session and winging the essay is not a good option. You need to practice and prepare to get the marks you desire through these three strategies!

Review the Sample Questions

: Every test is accompanied by guidelines as they guide the students in the right direction. Through the provided guidelines, you should evaluate what you are supposed to do, are you required to compare, contrast, analyze or argue?

Attempt the in-class essay according to the guidelines, and you will save some valuable marks for simply reading the instructions correctly.

Take Notes on a Separate Note

: If your professor has allowed you to open books during the in-class essay task, then don’t waste time by looking up the information as you would need that time to write the essay. Before the test, mark the paragraphs and stick important notes within your book. So when the time comes, you will have a better chance of finding the right information quickly.

Try a Practice Essay

: If your professor has given you a few topics to prepare, write practice essay on each topic. Plan your time carefully and think of all the points that can be included within the essay.

Also, this practice essay would give you an overall idea about the time required to complete the in-class essay.

Writing an In-class Essay Without the Knowledge of the Topics

Think Like Your Professor

: Pay attention to what your professor says; whether he talks about a certain topic, or insists the students to read the Vietnam War, whatever topic you professor presses on will be the topic of the essay. Just listen to your professor attentively to know about the topic of the in-class essay.

Review Your Notes

: What are the major themes of the information you have been studying? Thinking about such would provide you with a direction. The other thing that will help you anticipate the possible question is by breaking down your study material and separating the topics that the professor emphasized upon.

Try to Predict the Questions Your Professor Might Ask

: The way your professor asks questions can help you predict the nature of the in-class essay. If your professor is into comparing characters or relating the discussed topics to the current news’ topics, then chances are pretty good that he may ask such type of questions during the test.
Follow these tips, and you will suddenly feel better about the in-class essays! A little preparation goes a long way so prepare for your test and tackle this in-class essay like a pro.



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