PapersHelm Reviews 5 Techniques for Students to Learn How to Revise!

The learning process has greatly evolved for students. The learning gadgets are available at a distance of few taps. As a student, you might rely on online grammar checkers for accuracy but is it a good option? I’d say no.

Does your mind start wandering to far-off places while revising a document? Is your attention span short? If yes, then you need to wrap your head around some handy tips for revising academic documents. Agree or not, automatic software can never beat the fairness of human mind. This is the reason you should hone your revision skills instead of relying on online tools.

Let’s begin with these useful tips!

Add Blank Page Separators

Every academic document comprises of different chapters (at least it does on PapersHelm!). But if you think it is okay to start a new chapter abruptly, think again. Abrupt documents shorten the attention span when it comes to revising a document. Keep your document as neat as you can. Unless you make chapters with distinct separators, the revision will stay difficult.

Maintain a Checklist

Simple essay or comprehensive dissertation, keeping a checklist is always a good idea. With a journal or checklist for revision, you can keep track of your activities. You can break down the revision into simpler steps like skimming, editing, proofreading, etc.  Also, academic documents have several drafts so a checklist makes their organization easy. You can also visit PapersHelm for academic consultation.

Read, Read Again

Just when you conclude your academic document is error-free, a typo or a spelling mistake pops up to prove you wrong. This is the reason you need to stay persistent with your revision plan. Don’t rely merely on a single read. The key to a perfect revision process is to indulge in the reading process after regular time intervals. PapersHelm reviews every document couple of times to ensure accuracy.

Use Online Tools (Just don’t overuse them)

Although PapersHelm doesn’t depend on online tools, it’s preferable to run your document via grammar checking tools. This step ensures you haven’t overlooked any mistake. Of course, I’ll never suggest relying on such tools, but such tools come in handy especially when students are not well-versed with grammatical conventions. Such tools are useful in picking out spelling errors and typos.

Define Time Slots Properly

Revision is not a one-time activity that you can complete in one go. Especially when you are revising your own document, the chance of overlooking mistakes is higher than you might have anticipated. To avoid overseeing errors, make a revision plan. Give yourself small breaks while reviewing to renew your strength every single time.

For your revision efforts to pay off, you should ambitiously follow tips above. The mistakes will be pointed out eventually, but it’s on you to decide who picks these out, you or your professor. The thorough revision process mentioned in this blog will help you minimize the errors.

If you think these suggestions are not for you, you can always visit PapersHelm for unlimited revisions on your academic documents. If you have some other suggestions for revision, don’t hesitate to share them here!



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