Papershelm: Ace Your Test With 8 Science-Backed Study Tips

With back-to-school commercials in full swing, the time has arrived for you to get your studying habits back on track. Of course, video gaming, Netflix binging and time out with your friends might have dulled your senses but with enough science-backed tips, you can prepare your mind and body for what’s to come. PapersHelm can help you with this!

If you are looking for ways to go back to your school with a bang, then look no further as you have arrived at the right place! Through this blog, we will tell you about all the science-backed tips that will help you remember your stuff.

Study When Sleepy

Research has shown that studying right before sleeping helps in retaining the information for longer periods. So instead of checking out your friend’s Instagram story, try studying for a few minutes before going to bed.

Space it Out

Spaced repetition is a new learning technique that requires the individuals to break the material into smaller chunks and to review them for a long period. This technique has proven positive results so don’t try to learn a block of information in a single sitting, instead try to break it into smaller chunks for effective outcomes.

Tell a Tale

Remember this tip next time you pick up dull studying material as research has shown that turning a boring lesson into a mesmerizing/crazy story will help you make the information more meaningful thus retaining it for longer periods.  For example, for memorizing the value of Pi, remember ‘May I have a large container of coffee?’ The number of each alphabet in every word is your answer! (3.1415926)

Move Around

Another research has uncovered the fact that studying same information at different places will aid you in remembering information effectively. This is because we force the brain to form associations with the same material, thus becoming a stronger memory!

Write it Out

Our brain is known to store information more securely if we write it out by hand as opposed to typing. Keeping this point in mind, you should start recopying all of your important notes of the year to better retain the material. Or if you’re not interested in writing it out, papershelm can help you do just that!

Shout Out Loud

Just like writing by hand, reading the material out loud has the same effects. This is because your brain has two ways of storing the information; hearing it and seeing it. So read out loud when you know that other people won’t be disturbed from your habit!


Meditation is known to reduce anxiety and boost attention span. So next time you get down to study, try meditating for at least 3 minutes. Through this way, you will be able to grasp the difficult concepts quickly.

Break a Sweat

A stronger body and a stronger mind can contribute to a better overall result. Studies have shown that half hour of the aerobic session before studying, can improve your cognitive abilities and brain-processing speed. So a jog before studying can help you boost your IQ level.

Try to incorporate these science-backed tips into your studying routine to have better results! Though they are science-backed, there isn’t any need to force these tips on to yourself if they don’t work for you. These tips should feel natural so keep interchanging them for some other tricks to see what works for you!

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