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Research databases and online journals play a critical role in assisting students in developing their research papers or Ph.D. manuscripts from scratch.

All is well until students or small academics discover the hefty subscription fees that come with the access to such online databases.

Most likely, such subscription fees and paywalls hinder students in developing their papers, but there isn’t any need to worry as we have a handy list of online journals and research databases that are free of cost!

Directory of Open Access Journals

Being launched in 2003, this journal strives to bring authentic information in the form of high-quality, peer-reviewed journals.

With more than 2 million articles from 9519 journals, DOAJ offers journals in subjects ranging from science, fine arts, law and much more!


CORE provides 66 million open access journals to students, many of which are links to the original article on the original publishers’ website.

Moreover, it boasts two types of search mechanism; one is a straightforward keyword search system, and the other is the advanced search option that allows the users to filter results through various options.

Social Science Research Network

As the name suggests,this journal is a hub of peer-reviewed and well-research articles from the Social Sciences community.

This website allows the individuals to browse through more than 700,000 abstracts and 600,000 full-text articles. However, certain full-text articles are restricted through the paywall.

Moreover, upon signing up for this network, you can get the chance to interact with learned scholars from all around the world.


Paperity is all about helping students avoid paywalls. Being the first multidisciplinary aggregator of peer-reviewed and open access journals, Paperity provides users with an uncomplicated access to thousands of journals and authoritative research.

BioMed Central

For researchers in the field of Biology, clinical medicine, and health, BioMed Central is the best open access journal. BioMed Central allows individuals to access research from more than 290 peer-reviewed scientific journals for free.

Also, you can browse through the journals manually or modify your research through any specific keyword.


Dryad works on a non-profit basis that strives to create a world where research data and scholarly literature is easily available for research purposes.

It is the hub of carefully curated and open-access scientific journals that are free for viewing. However, you may have to pay a certain amount if you wish to publish your research or journal on Dryad


Zenodo takes its name from the ancient library of Alexandria, Zenodotus. Built by researchers, this platform strives to bring a plethora of open-access and peer-reviewed journals within just a few clicks.

Furthermore, you can modify your research by sorting different keywords, journals, titles and download the journals directly from the website


If you want quick access to millions of open-access scientific journals and documents, OpenDOAR is the best choice to opt for! The Directory of Open Access Repository works by combing through Google Custom Search and finding the open-access repositories that are relevant to your search keyword.

Moreover, OpenDOAR is daily managed by learned individuals to ensure that the final results meet the standards defined by the scientific community.

These are the best eight free online journals that should be visited once by researchers and students alike to become aware of all the latest and contemporary developments in various educational fields.



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