7 Editing Tips from PapersHelm to Improve Your Review Skills!

If you want to transform your ideas in a refined version, then editing is the much needed magic. On the other hand, there are students who only marvel at the completion of their document before the deadline.

Such students need to know about the power editing holds over their document. Editing can be the make it or break it factor when it comes to document, so you need to learn the techniques. Of course,

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and editors will always be available but if you want to do it on your own, then let’s get started!

Get the Structure Right

When you are done with the writing process, give your essay a rest and come back to it after a day. The break between the writing and editing process is necessary as your brain will be able to pick out mistakes in a better way.

For perfect structure, read the entire essay to ensure the arguments support each other. This step is also needed to check whether you have classified your points into the correct sections i.e. introduction, body, and conclusion.

PapersHelm Reviews Longer Sentences

Whether you have reached the expected word count or not, you should edit your longer sentences and paragraphs.

The longer sentences are difficult to comprehend, so it’s preferable to keep the length of the sentences to two or three clauses. Also, avoid long paragraphs by breaking the longer sentences into smaller ones.

Keep an Eye on Language

A word of advice from PapersHelm’s editors:  Never swap simple words with overly-complicated ones unless you have a strong hold on vocabulary. Also, never pick out any synonym of a simple-looking word.

This is because many synonyms have a negative connotation and are only suitable in particular situations. So using such words will only give your writing a bad impression!

Avoid Repetition of Words & Ideas

PapersHelm’s editors are always looking to help the struggling students. So when they say look out for repetitive ideas, you better find and eliminate duplication! Repetition of any form only takes up space by adding nothing of value to your documents. PapersHelm highly recommends you to edit out repetitive ideas and words.

Watch out for Typos

As per

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, spotting typos is an effective form of editing that shouldn’t be ignored. Although it is difficult to find and eliminate typos, it is recommended to start reading from the last sentence. Keep going in this reverse order until you have read entire document!

Eradicate Weasel Words

Weasel words are deliberately used to create confusion within arguments. These types of words are used by students when they aren’t sure about data and facts. To support their argument, students will write phrases like ‘many people have. Sentence structures that promotes confusion is essentially eliminated.

Spotting Tautologies

Tautologies are stylistic errors in which two similar words are used consecutively such as ‘a big giant.’ There isn’t any need for ‘big’ as ‘giant’ is enough to let the readers visualize a big man’s image. Such tautologies only consume space so edit them out.

If you find that these tips are too overwhelming, then go through them one by one and try to implement them in parts. If you’re short on time and want someone else for editing, reach out to PapersHelm’s editors, and we’ll surely help you out!

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helpful editing tips for you. Go through all of them and implement these tips to enhance your paper’s readability.

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